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Top Adventures in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Top Adventures in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Calgary, Alberta is known for the greatest outdoor show on earth, The Calgary Stampede! It’s 10 days of fun filled rodeos, exhibition rides, drinking and mini donuts…we can’t forget the mini donuts! But what if you’re not visiting during Stampede or you don’t like rodeos, exhibition rides and deep fried everything?

We’ve put together a small list of things that we think are really great! In no particular order:

1. Speeders Indoor Pro-Karts: What’s not fun about zipping around a 50,000 square foot building in go-karts that can reach speeds of 70km/hr? Race your friends, race your co-workers, race a complete stranger! First date, let your girl win 🙂 Be sure to check out the Speeders info page, there are age, height and weight restrictions. MORE INFO…

2. Canada Olympic Park: 4 seasons of fun, there’s no bad time to visit C.O.P. From mountain bikes to skiing, ziplines, bobsleds and the NEW Skyline Luge, this is a great place to spend a couple hours or the entire day! Be sure to check out the Winsport website for pricing and all the activities available. MORE INFO…


3. The Shooting Edge: Need to practice for the zombie apocalypse? The Shooting Edge is where it’s at! No experience necessary. They have everything you need to get started, guns, ammo, targets…zombie targets and of course some friendly range officers to keep things safe. MORE INFO…


4. Calgary Archery Center: Want something a little less adrenaline filled but still awesome? Hop on over to the Archery Center where you’ll get a chance to find out how calm you need to be to be accurate. With a quick tutorial you’ll be aiming at a target in no time at all! You’ll need to call the Archery Center for more info, because quite honestly their website sucks and has been “coming soon” for a few years now. MORE INFO…


5. Rampage Indoor Paintball: Conveniently located next door to the Archery Center, making it easy to practice your aim first before making your friends eat paint! Be sure to get a good nights sleep before doing this one, you’ll need all the endurance you can get! Indoor not your thing, that’s Ok because Rampage has two outdoor locations as well! MORE INFO…


6. Llyods Roller rink: Awwww yeahhhh! Dig out our bell bottoms and skate around this rink to some hip music and neon flashing lights. What do you mean you threw out our bell bottoms years ago and your kids have never heard of roller skates? No worries, this roller rink doesn’t require old school style and it comes complete with real roller skate rentals as well as the fancy new inline skates. Make sure you check this place out and maybe stop at the Cheesecake cafe on your way home, it’s right in front of the roller rink. MORE INFO…


7. Olympic Oval: Need to cool off during those hot summer days? The Olympic Oval is where it’s at. This 450m oval ice surface is open most of the year (you’ll need to check the schedule beforehand). Known for the fastest ice surface in the world, you can try your legs out and rent speed skates or hockey skates. Helmets are mandatory and can be rented. Also available are pretty red skating aids to help you steady yourself if skating isn’t your strong suit. MORE INFO…


8. No Limits AFC: AFC= Alternative fitness concepts, in the form of Parkour. Par what? If you’ve seen the opening scene in Casino Royale (007) then you should know what parkour is. If not, you need to know about it. Jumping over, on or off of things sound fun? Wall runs and wall flips sound intriguing? Then this sport might be for you! Learn to move your body the way that nature intended. No Limits offers first time visitors a free intro class every Saturday at noon. MORE INFO…


9. Calgary Climbing Center: Beginner or advanced, the CCC has something for everyone. Can’t find a partner to climb to new heights with? The CCC has the solution! Show up for their Tuesday Belay night and staff will be happy to assist you. No time to learn the ropes? No problem! The CCC has the large bouldering area, no experience necessary. MORE INFO…


10. Extreme Air Park (opening Fall 2013): Honorable mention since it’s not open at the time of writing this article. Who doesn’t like the sound of trampoline dodge ball! MORE INFO…


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