Chilkoot Trail, Alaska (VR360)

Chilkoot Trail, Alaska (VR360)

Curtis hiked the Chilkoot trail in July 2012, check out this beauty of virtual panorama!

According to wiki “The Chilkoot Trail is a 33-mile (53 km) trail through the Coast Mountains that leads from Dyea, Alaska, in the United States, to Bennett, British Columbia, in Canada.

It was a major access route from the coast to Yukon goldfields in the late 1890s. The trail became obsolete in 1899 when a railway was built from Dyea’s neighbor port Skagway along the parallel White Pass trail.[2] The Chilkoot Trail and Dyea Site was designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1978. In 1987, the trail was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.[3] In 1998, the centennial of the gold rush, Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site in British Columbia merged with the U.S. park to create the Klondike Gold Rush International Historical Park.”


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Tell us what you think of virtual panoramas! They take some time to create and we’d love to know if you enjoy seeing them!

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