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Help us find adventure!

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We’re in search of some really cool things to do on our upcoming Europe trip and would really like you to give us some suggestions! We’ve been to Europe before and went to all the main tourist attractions. As great as that was, we really don’t like line ups, large crowds or looking at things. We want to do things, adventurous things! Maybe not sky-diving though, we’d like to experience a little more of the world before we jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

The picture below is of the area we will be traveling through. It has super cool little icons showing you how little we have planned so far! We land in Frankfurt and ride motorcycles south into Switzerland to do a little hiking and then we go to the Alps and Northern Italy to ride some amazing roads. From there we’ll make our way over to Bled, Slovenia and do a little kayaking in the lake, visit the Vintgar Gorge and become Tarzan wannabes at Pustolovski park!

But then what? Do you know of a must-see cave? A beautiful kayaking adventure? White-water rafting? Horseback riding? Mountain biking? Tell us about it! What cute little town did you take a cooking class in? Ok…so that’s not very adventurous. How about that lake/ocean spot where you went cliff diving? We want to know about it so we can go do it!



Grindwald Ice palace, Interlaken


Grindwald Ice Palace, Interlaken


Stelvio Pass, Italy


The Vintgar Gorge, Bled Slovenia

Pustolovski Adventure Park, Bled Slovenia

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Jill Patterson

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Jill is the founder, writer, photographer and travel agent at Chasing Adventure Travel. An adventure travel blog that has morphed into a travel agency, specializing in Active and Adventurous Travels.

Jill has traveled worldwide and spent almost 2 years traveling continuously with her husband. She has traveled to resorts, crossed an ocean on a cruise ship, motorcycled multiple times around Europe and experienced self-guided long term travel.

~ Dreamer, doer and energetic go-getter. Curiosity has inspired adventurous world travel. Imagination is everything ~

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Jill Patterson
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