Our Favorite Memories from 2015 Captured in 41 Photos

Every New Year’s Eve we tend to reflect on the passing year. The good, the bad, the changes and challenges. This past year has been so much more than anything we could put into words. It has been nothing like we had imagined it would be. While 2015 has been so much harder, more frustrating and less fun than we thought it would be when we set off on this full time travel journey, it has also let us see more of our families than we normally would have, gain more perspective on what it is we want our lives to be about and has allowed us to remain tanned longer than any Canadian summer would naturally allow.

We definitely have a few standout moments from 2015. Enjoy!


This photo holds so much sentiment. The best cat in the world, magically learned how to walk on a leash the day that our house went for sale. I started taking her for walks in the park when potential purchasers came to view the house. She was such a beautiful cat (R.I.P April/2015)

After 11 days on the market, our house was sold. This is a big milestone for us, it marked the start of our journey.

Two of our favorite hiking friends!

Our farewell to Alberta hike. Ha Ling Peak, Canmore.

We spent March through May in Florida. There were so many great memories from that time but we spent more of our days wandering Turkey Creek Sanctuary than anything else. We saw something new every time we went. There were turtles, manatees, raccoons, tortoises, spiders, flowers, dragonflies, bees and so much greenery! Some days we planned to spend an hour there and somehow an entire afternoon would disappear.

That time we thought skimboarding was a good idea...

Beach yoga is always a good idea!

We saw hundreds of stingrays while walking along the Melbourne Causeway

Spotted birds with mowhawks at the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands

Our first ever, non hand held selfie!

Were mesmerized by a bird eating a fish

Did a SUP yoga teacher training with amazing ladies!

Realized that we need to acquire a slackline. These things are so much fun!

Quite possibly the most beautiful beach ever! Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida

We left Florida with the intention of road-tripping all the way back up to Canada. Unfortunately, our first bump in the road was a blown motor in our car. We left it North Carolina, right after the mountain picture below was taken.

We've learned that sunsets are a beautiful thing

And we should climb more mountains!

Nova Scotia welcomed us with open arms. From beautiful sunsets on Evangaline beach to thinking about seeing a lady slipper and then finding a whole field of them! We enjoyed time with family, backyard trampolines and super sweet smores!

I bet these cows have never felt so glamourous!

We did a rushed road tripped from Nova Scotia to Alberta, stopping in Quebec City, Ottawa, Sioux St.Marie. We did a hike in Lake Superior Provincial Park before driving long hours all the way to Edmonton.

The most charming city in Canada, Quebec City!

Lake Superior is Superior for a reason!

This fireworks photo represents most of our time in Calgary, we consider it a mini celebration. After only 4 months of leaving we were back for a month. We spent time with friends, celebrated birthdays, new babies, yoga training, hiking and of course, the Calgary Stampede. But most of all, this photo represents that time I lost my friend’s dog…don’t worry, it has a happy ending. But this is the fireworks display Curtis took while I faced the opposite direction is search of the dog that just ran away from me.

Hiking to Abbots Pass Hut is one of most memorable and beautiful hikes we done…ever! The Canadian Rockies are amazing.

We can't forget about that time we did fun silhouette photos in the Edmonton sunset with Curtis' sister

And then there was Colombia. A learning experience for sure. The place where we learned that we miss mountains, we don’t like too much heat or humidity and the Spanish language is really hard!

Daily fruit street vendor

Hiking Cerro Quitasol, our favorite day in Medellin by a long shot!

This picture symbolizes the happiness of the Colombian culture for us.

How could we not post this! It's just adorable!

The top of a meteorite! No, not really, but it's still cool.

After Colombia we found ourselves in Florida again. Curtis practiced pet sitting while my mom and I enjoyed a fantastic cruise to The Bahamas.

Yoga pose in Nassau, Bahamas

Having fun taking pictures on Paradise Island with my mom

The only thing we disliked about Barcelona was that I was sick the entire time, and Curtis had some serious food poisoning that lasted about 24 hours. Aside from that we still went out and explored in the short 4 days we had there. It is a place we will visit again. The best memory we have from our time there is the amazing street performing talent the city has to offer.

The magnificance of Barcelona truly needs to be experienced.

We loved this fountain more than the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas!

The end of our year has been spent on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. Which is located just off the coast of Morocco. It’s an island with huge diversity. We’ve seen lush forests, tall pine forests, cactus forests, thick greenery and stark sand dunes. The water is crystal clear and the coast is rocky. We’ve climbed dormant volcanoes, odd rock formations, walked coastal paths and botanical garden trails. We’ve visited the two cities and many small towns. The island is small but there is definitely something for everyone.

Curtis was trying to jump high enough so that he couldn't see all the naked people. He failed.

I stood and watched the rise and fall of this blowhole for a long time. It was beautiful.

Roque Nublo, the most magical feeling trail we've been on. Everything about it is amazing.

Can you tell how excited I am to go down into a dormant volcano? Caldera Bandama

The first time we have ever hiked up a mountain, down the other side...turned around and then went back up and over it. All for a beach day.

Because...cats. Who doesn't love cats!

What a year it has been! We didn’t realize just how many great things we did in 2015 until we started going through all of our photos. Sometimes all you need is a little perspective.

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