Top Reasons to Live a Life of Adventure

Top Reasons to Live a Life of Adventure

Adventure is many things to many people. You can travel far from home to exotic destinations full of thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies or you can find adventure in your own backyard.

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Adventure doesn’t need to be some death defying act that would make any sane person cringe at the high danger factor. We feel that adventure is a state of mind and anything that fills you with excitement and enthusiasm is adventure!

This year we intend to put adventure-at-home to the test. We’re doing a Microadventures series for the next year before our travels begin. Not only does doing adventure at home save us money, it helps us prove that adventure is everywhere!

For us, adventure is a way of life. We love it and we have come up with a few reason why an adventurous life is the top of our list. And we think they’re darn good reasons to put adventure at the top of your list too!


Engage the senses.

Adventure makes you feel alive. Most adventures take place outside which means your senses are working overtime. Your outdoor environment makes you notice things like temperature, brightness/darkness, smells and noises. Making yourself more alert in one part of you life will transfer into all parts of your life.


Teaches responsibility

A lot of the time when you begin to do regular adventures you learn to be responsible for yourself and others. For us, our regular activity is hiking and we have learned to pack our backpacks according to what we know we’ll need for ourselves. For other activities like scuba diving and rock climbing and most other buddy system type sports you learn to be responsible for each other and you become aware of safety precautions.

Gives independence

Travel is a great way to learn independence, especially if you’re traveling to a country that you don’t speak the language. You learn how to communicate for things like food, shelter and directions. Knowing that you managed to survive without knowing a language is a great supporter of independence.

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Builds confidence

Adventure in all forms can build confidence. When you push yourself to become good at something, when you pass the point that you never thought you’d reach, confidence soars. Even with the simple art of trying something new and knowing that you stepped out of your comfort zone, you will feel more confident.


Makes you appreciative

Want to appreciate the grandeur of a mountain…climb it. Want to appreciate what the human body is capable of…push yourself harder. Want to appreciate nature, spend more time in it. When you start to appreciate something, anything, it tends to spill over into other parts of your life.


Builds character

Leading a life of adventure will sway your choices and actions, thereby defining your character, usually for the best. A lot of the time you need to rise early for your adventure. As a side effect to getting up early you will most likely go to bed early, skipping out on a night of partying. Not that partying isn’t an adventure in itself, but a real adventure (in our opinion) is one that you remember!


Makes you stronger

Aside for the physical capabilities you will find within yourself, you’ll find determination and the will to succeed. You’ll find ways around barriers and become a problem solver. You’ll find inner strength you never knew you had.


Inspires curiosity

You’ll find yourself wondering about things that never crossed your mind before. Why do monkeys hang out on stairs? Once you start doing adventures you become curious about your environment, how and why things work, best equipment for your adventure, different places to do your adventure, etc. You start to learn through your curiosity. Curiously inspires creativity.


Sense of accomplishment

You just did something you never thought you would or something you have always dreamed about! How freaking amazing does that feel? You just ran a full marathon when last year you couldn’t run to the end of the block! OMG, You just saw a lion…in the wild! Holy Cow…you are standing on top of the world! A sense of accomplishment feels good in any form whether you just met a very important deadline or you just made a fantastic meal for your dinner party. But an adventure accomplishment sweetens the pot because adventure is not the norm. Along with accomplishment, you will feel a bit more unique.


Do you have more good reasons to seek a life of adventure? Tell us about them in the comments!


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  1. JohnnyCagefan 10 years ago

    WHAT A GREAT BLOG! Loved it! Good job. Went on an adventure this morning, left me feeling good ALL DAY!

    • Author
      Chasing Adventure 10 years ago

      Thanks! Glad you love it 🙂 Feeling good all day is why we love adventure too! That should have most definitely been on our list!

  2. Wendy Nickerson 10 years ago

    okay, that does it. I am going on an ADVENTURE. Me and Pia.

  3. Very good reasons and we certainly agree! Great post and lovely pictures!
    Have you ever tried hitchhiking, guys?

    Fascinating blog, Jill & Curtis! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe!

  4. Lisa 10 years ago

    Yes to all of these things. I don’t need death defying, but getting out of our comfort zone helps us grow so much!

  5. Mike Orobona 9 years ago

    Reminds me of my kid’s favorite “Cat in the Hat” show, let’s go go go go, on an adventure….

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