Chasing Microadventures #1 : Tobogganing

Chasing Microadventures #1 : Tobogganing

Reaching ground breaking speeds of up to 65 kph (40mph) we raced down Gallagher hill on a foam sled. The base of the sled polished and waxed to perfection allowing for the fastest speeds possible!


High speed Curtis

Ok,Ok! I might have embellished the details a tiny bit. The speed is a guesstimate at best and although the base of the sleds were hard plastic slippery surfaces, we certainly did not take the time to wax and polish them. We would have if we had thought of it, but we were so excited to meet up with Rachel and Mike from TreePot Travels on this adventure that we completely missed that step.

This is my first attempt at a video edit! I promise I’ll improve with practice 😀

We’re so glad that we got to spend the day with Rachel and Mike, it was their first time tobogganing and we enjoyed showing them how Canadians have fun in the snow! If you want to see their post from our adventures check it out HERE!


Rachel and Mike from TreePot Travels

We love tobogganing! It’s free and fun on a cold winter’s day. As a bonus you get some exercise from continually walking up the hill. We find that a lot of people take their kids out to enjoy the hills but who said that adults can’t have some fun too! You’re never too old to have fun like a kid.


The adorable duo that make up Chasing Adventure!
Photo credit: TreePot Travels

Our hill of choice was located at Gallagher Park in Edmonton, Alberta. We arrived just before noon and had the hill to ourselves until mid-afternoon. We had a ton of fun there and would definitely recommend that hill. The Ski Club (pay for use) is located right beside the toboggan hill.


Jumping FAIL!

What exactly is a microadventure ? Check out our first post on the topic to find out what it means to us! Chasing Mircoadventures Series

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  1. Rachel Campbell 10 years ago

    We had such a blast hanging out with you two! Thanks for showing us the ropes and we can’t wait for our next adventure!

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