Chasing Pavement |The Love of Motorcycles

Chasing Pavement |The Love of Motorcycles

You twist the throttle and slowly maneuver your way through traffic. The sound of wind past your helmet increasing from a dull whisper to a ferocious roar in your ear. Out of the city and on to the rural mountain roads you gaze upon the beauty of the landscape around you. Inside your helmet, it’s just you, nothing else. Your worries and troubles seem to vanish with every mile.

DSC_6222 -1colorSouthern Alberta

Taking roads that you would never take in a 4 wheeled vehicle you find yourself turning into an explorer. On a motorcycle you take the longer route, the one with the most curves. The one the follows the river or coastline; the road that twists up and down the side of a mountain and the one that shows you hidden lakes and tiny towns. For us, riding is among the best ways to travel, inspiring curiosity and encouraging a road trip for no particular reason at all.

P1050885-2Lost in Idaho

Between Curtis and me, we’ve ridden from Alaska to California and all the states and provinces in between. We’ve covered most of Western Europe and rode the Mae Hong Son Loop in Northern Thailand. This is just the beginning of where our motorcycle dreams will take us! Although we don’t foresee ourselves riding motorcycles in a long-term around-the-world adventure, we do see ourselves always riding motorcycles where ever we go.

DSC_9157Eisenach, Germany

P1060789Southern Alberta

DSC_6087_fusedMae Hong Son Loop, Northern Thailand

DSC_6055Spiral Highway, Idaho

2010-05-25 @19-14-42 P1010640_tonemappedMetz, France

There’s an inherent danger that comes with riding a motorcycle. Everyone knows it. Most people don’t realize that there’s a feeling of being alive, a freedom and sense of adventure that comes with riding. The warmth of the sun, the smell of the forest, the 180 degree panoramic view from your helmet is a constant engagement of the senses that, in our opinion, nothing can match.

DSC_8708 -1Big Sur, California

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