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About Us

In 2012 we decided that possessions were not the things that we wanted to value in life. Instead, we’ve chosen to value experiences, people and great outdoors. The world is beautiful and we will explore it by doing adventurous things. We love mountains and oceans and all the people and cultures in between. We have sold our possessions, eliminated our debt and have chosen a travel oriented life of adventure.


Who are we?

We are Jill and Curtis. Married Canadians who are in search of something more. We believe that fortune favors the bold, so we are going to be bold!


What are we doing?

We are giving up the life we have been taught to live, we are leaving behind the 9-5 routine in order to have more time to do the things we truly enjoy!


When is this happening?

Our full time travel started March 5, 2015. Stay tuned for our worldly adventures!


Where are we going?

We can go anywhere! We originally had a plan. But we threw it away. We like having no plans much better.







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